Professional training

Holistic & Dance Course

This course is dedicated to our student’s search for freedom, mobility, flexibility in their body. It allows the vanishing of tensions linked to personal matters in order to go back to a freedom of artistic expression. It’s a deep reconnection to the soul thanks to the self-awareness of the body through movement, a better circulation energies and voices for the artist’s well being et freedom of self. Through several methods (Ilan Lev, Safe Floor, Gyrokinesis…), students are truly going on a holistic discovery of their body.
As of September 2021, this course will also include a dance cycle as a means to practice this freedom.

The « module corps », unique in France, offers our students a way of exploring different physical techniques like Ilan Lev. The Studio is the only school in France to use this technique that has such spectacular results.

The teachers

Thu-Anh Nguyen


Clément Cabrel


Valérie Masset

Safe ® Floor

Sébastien Thill

Gyrokinesis ®

Caroline Pessègue

Ilan Lev / Qi Gong

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Price :

168 hours for 1750 €